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Church & State Brand Identity
by Tim Praetzel

Oh to design company stationary…
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Oh to design company stationary…

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I love this, i am trying to work out what it is drawn on by hand and what is computer rendered. 
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I love this, i am trying to work out what it is drawn on by hand and what is computer rendered. 

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Barbearia 36
Effective & Raffinate Branding
by Tiago Monte

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Drawing 13|14
Back to the hand!
by Tobias Hall

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Corporate identity, branding and art direction for London’s first almond milk producer; The Pressery. Super-natural goodness.”

The Pressery by Tim Jarvis.

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Be the type
by Gustavo Mancini

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Tape Graffiti
by Pierre-Antoine Gilles

Brings back memories of or tape and type project! Except theirs is actually good ;)

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Well done to our level 4 students who celebrated their final hand in of first year with a riso postcard exhibition and a cheeky glass of cava, weheyyy

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Risograph Red Ink Test Prints

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The Black layer has now been added to our prints. We were given a choice between Purple, Burgundy & Black by the printer so that we could make a choice as to which looked best on the blue, but we decided to stick with our original choice of black due to its high contrast with the imagery. We are very happy with the designs and the textures and bold elements are really nice to look at and give a really authentic look and feel as opposed to standard printing. 

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Creating the Risograph Prints

Once our idea was solid and we were ready, everyone went away and picked their imagery and set it up as a greyscale PNG. This made laying everything out much simpler and everything could be put together on the page. I created a set of vectors on illustrator for the group to pick from. This meant unity among the design. I also laid out the typography to complete the set. 

When we composed the imagery, we were very happy with the way things sat together and the mockups worked very well. We are excited to print and with some advice for the Risograph printer, Mike, we made some slight adjustments to the margins and the way the blue and black bits sit together and create an exciting contrast.

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The Blue Layer of our Risograph prints are done! The gradient, along with the block colours and photographs work very well! Very excited to print the black on top tomorrow!

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Final design for Risograph Printing

these are the final 10 A6 postcards we are printing tomorrow on the risograph printer. The text and the black and white photos will be printed separately over the top of the blue vector based images.

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Risograph initial mock ups!

For the quote ‘i don’t have the foggiest idea’

(the images are not meant to have black outlines, just they are PNG files)